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On the 10th of December 2020 I defended my

PhD thesis 'Sensing Cilia' and obtained my doctors degree.

Despite it being an online defense due to the coronavirus situation,

I had an amazing day. I thoroughly enjoyed the dissertation itself.

In the evening I watched a film/sketch made by my awesome colleagues.

You'll find a recording of the Dutch layman's talk of my defense on my layman's page.

The amazing Sketch-movie made by my colleagues can be watched here.

If any reason is needed to throw a party, this would probably have been the best in my life (so far).

Despite having had an online party, I missed my friends and family being there enormously.

As I could not celebrate on the eve of my defence, I decided to, at one day, organize a festival. During the third week of September 2022, I organized Skeer, a warm, wallet-friendly, co-creative international (folk) music and dance weekend. It was a lot of fun to organize, and the weekend itself turned out very good.

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