On the 10th of December 2020 I defended my

PhD thesis 'Sensing Cilia' and obtained my doctors degree.

Despite it being an online defense due to the coronavirus situation,

I had an amazing day. I thoroughly enjoyed the dissertation itself.

In the evening I watched a film/sketch made by my awesome colleagues.

You'll find a recording of the Dutch layman's talk of my defense on my layman's page.

The amazing Sketch-movie made by my colleagues can be watched here.

If any reason is needed to throw a party, this would probably have been the best in my life (so far).

Despite having had an online party, I missed my friends and family being there enormously.

As for now, I cannot host a (large) party to celebrate this.

As soon as possibilities arise, I will let you know!


Either way, plans are being made to organize Skeer,

an open-minded weekend festival of international folk dance and music.

For those who would like to celebrate with me and like to try, and for the more experienced dancers.

It will be an easy-going, friendly festival, with live music and workshops from attendants,

and a gentle sprinkle of a little silliness.

Everyone will pitch in to ensure the smooth running of the festival,

from preparing food and clearing the places for dancing, to getting the tables ready for lunch.

You are more than welcome to contact me if you want to help shape this fantastic weekend.

A date will be picked when it is clear it can be organized responsibly (corona-wise).