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Work experience


PhD researcher Biophysics

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

PhD researcher in the laboratory of Erwin Peterman on

the single-molecule dynamics of the transport machinery in C. elegans neuronal cilia with advanced fluorescence microscopy.



  • The largely independent design and management of various research projects that lead to publications in international journals and presentations at (inter)national conferences. 

  • Forming and maintaining collaborations with colleagues at the VU Amsterdam, other universities and institutes. 

  • Developing and constructing a light-sheet microscope.

  • Setting up the genetic engineering technique CRISPR/Cas9 in our lab.

  • Analysis of microscopy data with, among other, MATLAB, Origin and Fiji, and creating insightful figures and cartoons in Adobe Illustrator.

  • As sole PhD student on the research topic, I was responsible for the maintenance of four microscopes and the biochemistry lab for about two years.

  • Giving annual lectures and practicals.

  • Supervision of four bachelor/master students on projects of an average of seven months.

  • Training five new colleagues who continue the research line with projects devised by my supervisor and me.

Curious what my research is all about? 

You can read my scientific summary here, and my Dutch layman's summary here.

Both appear in my PhD thesis 'Sensing Cilia'.




MSc Biomedical Sciences,

Utrecht University

Track: Cancer, Stem cells & Developmental biology

Master student, laboratory of Lukas Kapitein,
Department of Biology, Utrecht University

On the organization of the neuronal cytoskeleton, employing single-molecule localization microscopy

Visiting Graduate student, laboratory of Nipam Patel
Department of Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley

On the evolution and development of butterfly wings, using biochemical experiments and electron microscopy

Visiting Graduate student, laboratory of Thomas Maresca,
Department of Biology,University of Massachusetts, Amherst Amherst

On the elastic properties of a chromosomal protein, using protein purification and optical tweezers

BSc Biology

Utrecht University

Specialized in cellular-, molecular- and developmental biology


Most important, besides the specific practical skills I acquired, I will always draw on the soft skills I attained during my PhD.

On the practical side, I have knowledge of molecular biology, biochemistry, biophysics, optics and advanced (single-molecule) fluorescence microscopy and the ability to connect these disciplines in innovative and  interdisciplinary research.


I have experience with a wide range of optical techniques, including:Designing and constructing a light-sheet microscope, dSTORM, STED, epifluorescence (single-molecule) live-cell imaging, TIRF, confocal, electron microscopy, optical tweezers and laser micro-surgery by femtosecond laser ablation.

I have experience with a wide range of biomolecular techniques, including:
PCR, (Gibson) cloning, western blot, protein purification, human, bacterial and neuronal cell culture, CRIPSR/Cas9, maintenance of Lepidoptera pupae,  standard C. elegans protocols,

C. elegans DNA micro-injection and immunohistochemistry

Extracurricular activities


As teaching assistant at the BSc-courses Research methods, Evolution & Biodiversity, and Plant Biology, I was responsible for lectures and lab courses.

CS&D master committee member, we organized activities and lectures.
Lifescience Representatives council member, supporting and connects the GSLS-students from the UU.

As chairman of the Bèta-day committee, I coordinated an introduction day for high-school students at the UU-bèta faculty.

Supervisor of a class during Summerschool Junior.


Other activities


As treasurer and boy-scout leader at ‘Scouting Utrecht Oost’, I was responsible for organizing a weekly program, as well as several weekends and one summer camp per year.

As ski instructor in Sankt Anton (Austria), I gave private and group lessons to children and adults, being responsible for their security and the lesson content.

Guide at the botanical gardens of Utrecht University



I get a lot of satisfaction from designing and making for example furniture, lamps, clothing, and working on small creative projects. I enjoy music, being in nature, dancing (balfolk), reading, cooking, watching and making theatre, bouldering and lead-climbing. On holidays, I like to go on adventures and getting to know new people and cultures. In the winter of ‘19-’20, I crossed the Atlantic Ocean with the engineless sailing-cargo vessel Tres Hombres, an adventure that taught me a lot. Additionally, I like to learn about and strive towards, a sustainable, conscious, simple and kind society.